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Hole 1

Back - 540 yards Middle - 490 yards Front - 404 yards

A simple par 5 starting hole when played from the middle tees. A real challenge from the back tee. With a lake on the left side of the fairway and a narrow landing area for your second shot, course management is critical to make par. For those attempting to reach the green with their second shot, beware of a fairway bunker 30 yards in front of the green that runs across the fairway. The green is 112 feet long with a ridge in the middle, making club selection critical.

Hole 2

Back - 200 yards Middle -  155 yards Front - 112 yards

A relatively easy par 3 when played to the middle of the green. Challenging a back pin placement brings the back bunker into play. Play to the middle of the green and two putt this slightly undulating green for your par.

Hole 3

Back - 350 yards Middle - 330 yards Front - 290 yards

A par 4 with a slight dogleg right. A medium length drive will leave a middle to short iron into this two tier green. Avoid the front greenside bunker and be on the proper tier of this 73 foot long green. It will reward you with a birdie opportunity and an easy two putt par.

Hole 4

Back - 450 yards Middle - 435 yards Front - 372 yards

A long par 4 with a fairway trap 235 yards from the middle tee. A dogleg left with a sloping fairway from left to right. A long iron or fairway wood for the second shot makes this hole the most difficult par 4 on the course. A 71 foot long green is adequate for your second shot, however avoid the bowl on the right portion of the green. An easy three putt if you are in the wrong position on the green.

Hole 5

Back - 230 yards Middle - 190 yards Front - 150 yards

A straightaway par 3 with a 102 foot long green that slopes back to front. The length of the hole is the challenge, but a good chip shot will ensure you of a par or bogey.

Hole 6

Back - 405 yards Middle - 385 yards Front - 359 yards

A par 4 with a dogleg left 200 yards from the tee and a generous landing area for your tee shot. The second shot is deceptive with an elevated two tier green and swales in front of the green. Greenside bunkers on the left and right should be avoided, as they are 4-5 feet below the green.

Hole 7

Back - 605 yards Middle - 501 yards Front - 439 yards

A monstrous par 5 from the back tees, requiring three solid shots to reach this 88 foot long green guarded by two greenside bunkers in front of the green. A slight dogleg right that is uphill with mounding in the left rough. Tall trees lining both sides of the fairway require accurate shots to reach this green in regulation. A large undulating green requires an excellent putting touch to assure you a par.

Hole 8

Back - 400 yards Middle - 365 yards Front - 297 yards

A par 4 requiring an accurate tee shot, with out of bounds to the right and large trees left and right off the tee. An elevated green with a large ridge in the middle of the green dividing it between front and back. Greenside bunkers front and right, as well as two pot bunkers behind the green places a premium on your approach shot.

Hole 9

Back - 380 yards Middle - 350 yards Front - 275 yards

A slight dogleg right par 4 with out of bounds down the right side and palm trees on the left side of the fairway challenges your tee shot. A generous green 100 feet long guarded by bunkers on all sides is very receptive to your approach shot.

Hole 10

Back - 375 yards Middle - 350 yards Front - 309 yards

Right after the turn the 10th is a straightaway par 4 with out of bounds on the left side of the fairway. Premium is on the tee shot to avoid being blocked by a large tree 100 yards from the green on the right side of the fairway. The green is surrounded by bunkers and slopes off a back shelf toward the front and sides of the green. Par is a good score on this hole to start the back 9.

Hole 11

Back - 315 yards Middle - 295 yards Front - 274 yards

The 11th is a short par 4 requiring a lay up off the tee with a fairway wood or long iron. A fairway bunker appears greenside, but donÕt be fooled, it is actually 50 yards in front of the green. The green is elevated and sloped left and right. A deft putting touch is needed.

Hole 12

Back - 228 yards Middle - 180 yards Front - 153 yards

This par 3 has a uniquely designed green. Well bunkered, a tee shot to the middle of the green is required. The green slopes to the middle from both the left and right into a valley. It is slightly elevated and a par will be a good score.

Hole 13

Back - 390 yards Middle - 365 yards Front - 340 yards

A straight par 4 with a large tree on the right blocking a second shot to the green. Keep it in the fairway for a middle iron in to this undulating green.

Hole 14

Back - 380 yards Middle - 365 yards Front - 348 yards

A slight dogleg right to a downhill green 66 feet long requires a short to middle iron to this green guarded by a deep swale in front. Two large greenside bunkers to the left and back guard this hole well. With the elevation change, the second shot is deceptive, so be sure to take enough club to reach this green.

Hole 15

Back - 515 yards Middle - 490 yards Front - 439 yards

A very interesting double dogleg par 5. Keep your tee shot left for a clear look at the green. Both sides of the fairway are lined with tall pines. A large fairway bunker 80 yards from the green will catch most second shots if you're not careful. Your best play is to lay up around 100 yards, then hit a third shot to this small slopped green.

Hole 16

Back - 375 yards Middle - 355 yards Front - 310 yards

A slight dogleg left par 4 is guarded with palm trees to the left and pines to the right. A large green receptive to all club selections but protected to the front left and right with bunkers.

Hole 17

Back - 160 yards Middle - 145 yards Front - 120 yards

A short par 3 but a difficult club selection. An elevated green with a ridge separates the front and back portions. Two pot bunkers, not seen from the tee, guard the right side of the green. A large bunkers is waiting for any shot hit too long.

Hole 18

Back - 575 yards Middle - 550 yards Front - 489 yards

A true three shot par 5 with fairway mounding both left and right is a beautiful finishing hole. Position the second shot for a middle iron third shot. A fairway bunker guards the right side of this left to right sloping fairway. A lake starting at 125 yards out guards the front right of a very large green 110 feet long that slopes severely from back to front. The green is also guarded to the left and back by large bunkers.

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